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When Is The Best Time For A Service?

The peak time for most boilers to break down is at the end of the summer when people turn on their heating after months of inactivity. It is during these months that heating systems develop issues with clogged or seized parts, due to lack of use. The best time to have a boiler service is just before the end of the summer, before the mad rush! The Carbon Trust states that a non-serviced boiler can use around 10% more energy than a well maintained boiler.

The first generation of boilers that were installed where not much more than a chunk of iron placed over a flame which heated the water. The idea that people would have this checked over each year was not considered to be important, the quality of the heated water could be as thick as soup and although causing a few strange noises, would still continue to heat the house.

Boilers have come a long way, no longer a lump of iron, but light alloy with low water content, a brain that knows the weather forecast, how quickly your house loses its heat and the time it takes to heat up. With this information it can control the size of the flame, the speed of the water flowing around the heating system to achieve a set temperature. As you can imagine, boilers today are a lot more complicated and are far more sensitive making an annual boiler service an important part of owning a boiler

When it comes to a boiler service, not all companies definition of a boiler service are the same, some companies think checking the gasses coming out of the boiler flue is enough. When FC Sherman & Co (Heating) Ltd carries out a boiler service we carry out the following checks.

Unless all of these steps are taken when servicing a boiler, it should not be considered to be serviced and may affect the boiler’s warranty.

Visual check of the boiler and flame (if possible)

Check the external flue (External and internal)

Check the operating pressure, heat input

Check all safety devices

Remove the boiler case, check the main components

Check the boiler case seal

Test fire the boiler to identify any working faults

Clean the boiler parts if necessary

Reassemble and test before leaving site

Fill out the boilers maintenance booklet (if provided)

Unless all of these steps are taken when servicing a boiler, it should not be considered to be serviced and may affect the boilers warranty.

Preventative Maintenance

Your boiler breaths air while it is heating up your house, and this air contains contaminants that get deposited in the boiler. After a while the contaminants build up and, unless cleaned away will accelerate the wear and tear on the boiler, reducing the boilers efficiency while increasing the chances of a break down. This is more likely to happen when the winter is at its coldest and the boiler is working hard to maintain heat and heating engineers are at our most busy.

Maintain Your Warranty

By having your boiler serviced we are able to clean away the deposits that have built up, and spot any weakness that might cause a breakdown in the future. Even if your boiler is still in its warranty period, the manufacturer may decide not to honour this unless the boiler has been serviced annually by a professional Gas Safe boiler engineer. So with a regular service you can also be assured that the boiler is working as efficiently as the day it was installed.

Smart Boiler Control Systems​​​​​​​

Replacing your boiler is the first step in reducing your carbon foot print and gas bills, all the while maintaining the same level of comfort. But, that is only part of the story. For your boiler to be kept at its most efficient, the rest of the heating system needs to play its part. A smart thermostat will know that, if you are not at home, to turn off the central heating until it knows you are coming home; it will know how long it takes to heat your house and can decide when the boiler needs to turn on. Smart Radiator thermostats can set each room in the house to individual temperatures, taking only enough hot water from the boiler to achieve this. What used to be an expensive luxury is now an affordable necessity.

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